Friday, 20 December 2013

PS3: Scarygirl - Owl Woods

I recently found a new, cute and quirky video game called Scarygirl. It's a platformer available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, released in January 2012. I haven't had much practice with this genre of games, and so I tend to fail a lot - I totally suck with timing my jumps right, for example - but Scarygirl is cute enough that I can keep at it and develop some skills in the process.

At the start of the game, Scarygirl sets out on a journey to find out why leaves are falling from the the Tree of Knowledge. The first stop is Owl Woods, which I guess is at the same time some kind of a tutorial/practice level, as it is so uncomplicated that even I didn't fail much at it. I met a nice shopkeeper lady at Owl Town Hall and bought a cool new move off her - after I've grabbed an enemy I can squeeze the life out of it to heal myself a little. The only really irritating thing were the snakes: I got poisoned a few times and that wasn't fun.

After clearing Owl Town Hall I got to climb a huge, really tall tree that is home to a lot of owls. In the Woods and Town Hall, the owls had contented to just keeping an eye on me, watching my progress from the safety of their tree branches, but now that I was climbing their tree, they started attacking me. This resulted in quite a few owls meeting their maker at my hands.

Here, above the leaves and branches of all the other trees, the colours are quite different from those of the forest below. The unobstructed rays of the sun make everything brighter and happier. The reason I needed to climb this tree is that I needed to get to the very end of the topmost platform where I could board one of the flying seeds that would take me to my next destination, the Old Man Mountain. I could see quite a few of these seeds flying around me as I climbed, and they looked really fluffy and pretty.

The last obstacle on my path to the topmost platform was a huge owl that could only be damaged by grabbing other, smaller owls and hurling them at him. This wasn't too hard to do, and after succeeding at knocking him off the platform I got to jump onto the next one, at the end of which I grabbed hold of a flying seed and let it carry me to Old Man Mountain.