Friday, 17 January 2014

PS3: Tekken Revolution

I'm not a violent or even very aggressive person in any way, but from time to time I like to play fighting games. Stylish moves, cool characters and a generally pretty look are what draws me to these games. Eye-candy, that's where it's at! As a rather casual gamer, I also appreciate games that do not require me to spend hours practicing my moves before I can properly get into the game.

One of these games that I've been playing recently is Tekken Revolution for PS3.

My absolute favourite character so far is Lili. She is cute, poised and graceful, and has a variety of beautiful gymnastics-style fighting moves. She is one of the initial characters available from the get-go, no need to collect a massive amount of gift points (earned from online and arcade matches and login bonuses) for a chance to unlock her.

Of the unlockable characters, I have managed to unlock two: Christie and Dragunov. Both of them are quite fun to play, but I need to put in some practice with Christie first before I can really use her in anything but easy arcade mode battles. Her fighting style is fun and effective, but perhaps a bit more complex than, say, Lili's. Hence the need for practice. I like her though, so it is possible that I actually will some day take the time to get to know her moves a bit better.

I also played my very first online matches in this game today. As Lili, of course, since she's the only character whose moves I'm a bit more familiar with. I chose to play Ranked Matches, and won 4 out of the 5 I played. My rank is now Disciple (4th dan). At the moment, the highest attainable rank in the game, according to tekkenpedia, is 24th dan. As a quite casual gamer, I'm sure I won't be progressing very high up the ranks before the matches get too tough for me, but that's fine by me. I'm happy to leave the higher ranks to those who are more dedicated to these games and thus way more skilled at them!