Saturday, 29 November 2014

So Much to Be Thankful for - 2014 Edition

The people who celebrate Thanksgiving have just had their celebrations. This is not a holiday we celebrate here in Finland, but as I am in the mood to write, I am going to make a list of the things I'm thankful for below anyway.

My body - Thank you for having remained so capable in spite of all the ways I have neglected you. I have caused you to put on weight, I have unintentionally deprived you of almost all of the unsaturated fats you needed, and I haven't given you nearly enough exercise. Yet, you've still been good to me, enabling me to keep going about my daily life unencumbered by any injuries, dysfunctions or illnesses. You've done everything I've asked of you, never letting me down. Thank you for being so healthy, strong and resilient! You are amazing! I promise I'll pay more attention to you and take good care of you from now on!

My mind - Thank you for always keeping me entertained, for seeing the beauty in the moment and for enjoying the little things. Thank you for having the capabilities to analyse and think things through yourself, the patience to look before you leap, and the strength that enables me to remain my colourful, compassionate, creative, unique self. Thank you for so frequently taking me on such wonderful trips of imagination, insight and contemplation. You are a treasure!

My friends - Thank you for being there, for listening, for sharing my interests, for being such beautiful, unique individuals and for offering me support, perspective, inspiration, role models and entertainment. Thank you for frequently taking me out of my head - it's nice to see other places, too, occasionally. I love you!

My boyfriend - Thank you for always being there, for listening to me ramble on about cross stitching, fitness, health stuff and weight loss, I know you only do it because you care about me, and that is just so thoughtful! Thank you for being so kind, patient and thoughtful, and for making me feel I'm never alone. I love you, too.

My home - it's wonderful to have a home that is so nice, affordable, roomy and quiet, just perfect for two people who both need their own space but would rather live together than alone.

Fitness Blender - Thank you for your hundreds of inspiring, motivating, challenging, free workout videos! You are doing such an amazing thing, motivating and enabling people from all around the world to take better care of themselves and get stronger and fitter! Lots of success to you two miracle workers!

Heaven and Earth Designs - Thank you for your huge, beautiful, highly enjoyable, 100% cross stitch (no back stitching or specialty stitches) charts! I love working on my Fairy Wishing Well, it's become like an old friend to me that's always so comfortable, peaceful and relaxing to get back to. One of the things keeping me grounded and sane in this crazy, cruel, depressing, shifting, insecure world.

Audible - Thank you for making your huge and ever-growing selection of audiobooks available to this godforsaken corner of the backwoods of the world! Instead of having to choose between cross stitching or enjoying a book, thanks to you I can do both! There are countless wonderful stories I would have missed if I hadn't had the opportunity to get them in audio form.

There are other things I'm thankful for as well, but I think these are the biggest of them. I'm pretty lucky to have them all! I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, and also found plenty to be thankful for.