Sunday, 4 January 2015

Fitness Blender - An Introduction

I have mentioned Fitness Blender once or twice here in my blog, and I have a link to their website in the right sidebar, but I've never actually talked about them in depth before. A proper introduction is something they completely deserve, though, as they've become a huge influence on my fitness life, so here goes.

Fitness Blender is a wonderfully sympathetic and down-to-earth team of two personal trainers, Kelli and Daniel, wife and husband, that provides effective, varied, fun free workouts and other fitness- and health-related content. Their website can be found here, and they also have a Youtube channel here. I stumbled upon them one day as I was googling for something fun and effective to vary my workout routine with, and now their workouts are my main source of exercise.

As to the whys and hows behind what they do, I think it's best to let Kelli and Daniel themselves tell you about them:

I love Fitness Blender workout videos because they are not only free, incredibly diverse and effective, but also very unpretensious. As the workout progresses, you can see Daniel and Kelli get sweaty and red in the face (just like you!), and hear them make various comments on how their muscles are starting to get tired (just like yours!). You really get the feeling that they are working out with you, not just showing you the moves. This may sound like a small thing, but trust me, it makes a huge difference in terms of how much I enjoy the workout and how much the video motivates me to do my best and push my limits with every exercise.

Another great thing about Fitness Blender is that it is so clearly visible that both Kelli and Daniel are very enthusiastic about their work and not just in it for the money. This is evident on all their videos, but especially on the one they published back in December on which they tell us about all the new content and features they will be adding to their website during this spring:

And that concludes this introduction to Fitness Blender. Now go on to their website and start trying out their workouts - they're all completely free and very good for you!