Friday, 24 April 2015

Done! (or at least I hope so)

So, the exams are done and now I just have to wait for them to be graded. I didn't do too well on one of them, but I hope I passed anyway. Trying not to worry too much about it and just take things easy as all I can do now is wait and see.

Just as if to help me deal with my anxiety over the exam results, Steam has put a couple of great video games on sale for this weekend. Spelunky is 75% off and Road Not Taken is 50% off, so of course I had to get them both as the grand total for them was only 10,98 €. I'm off to play!

Cute, deadly, exasperating and hilarious dungeon-delving platformer fun! Finding treasure and relics! Rescuing damsels in distress! And, hopefully, avoiding all the deadly traps and killing or escaping all the deadly enemies on the way!

Road Not Taken
Beautiful, atmospheric, relaxing yet quite demanding puzzle-solving adventure! Befriend the colourful cast of villagers! Rescue the lost children! Discover all the secrets! And try to solve the puzzles without dying in the process!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Almost There!

My French studies are so close to being done... It feels almost unreal, I've been waiting so long for the day I no longer have to go to classes, write papers or study like crazy for exams, and now it's only one week away. One week!

I passed my final oral test, and I'm extremely relieved for that, because I speak way worse than I write. I had to give a little speech for which I had a bit of time to prepare about one of two subjects chosen by the two grading teachers, and then answer any questions they asked about it. I got really lucky, as one of the subjects was happiness, which is something I have contemplated a lot and also written a Philosophy seminar paper about some years ago (for anyone interested, the precise subject of the paper was Schopenhauer's philosophy of happiness). I was so afraid that they'd find my speaking skills lacking and fail me that it really was a blessing to be given a subject I am so thoroughly familiar with. The minutes I had for preparation I spent worrying myself into a state of near-panic, and immediately after the test was over and I had left the classroom I started shaking so badly I thought my legs would give out any moment. Finding out I hadn't failed was a huge relief.

Now all I have left are some final lectures and a couple of written exams. Home stretch, here I come!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Three Months of Silence, What Happened - Long Story Short

Money troubles. School. The sudden realisation that these are the last months of my French studies, that this is it, I need to get everything done and at least a passing grade for all the courses. Stress. Worry. Fear of failing. Feelings of inadequacy. Complete loss of energy. You know, the usual stuff one goes through as the end of a university study programme draws near. It kind of overwhelmed me for a while. Today, however, has been a day much brighter than any I can remember from these past months, and I believe I can start keeping up with my blogging again. Fingers crossed!

So, during these past three months I have...
... not lost any weight. (Boo! But not surprising considering the stuff I mentioned above.)
... written several French essays and one proseminar paper.
... helped a friend move house.
... watched some Once Upon a Time, The X-Files, Criminal Minds and NCIS with friends. (Yay, good times!)
.. traded in some of my old video games to get two new ones for my Nintendo 3DS - Disney Magical World and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. (Such cuteness in both games, I will write more about them someday soon!)
... actually been to a couple of gatherings of a local cross stitching group I am a member of and had been neglecting for a couple of years. (Yay, such fun! Tsk at myself for neglecting them for so long!)

I guess that's about it. I haven't exactly had the energy to do much. But hey, only a couple of weeks of school left! That's exhilarating, stress-inducing and terrifying all at the same time. Need to try and take it one day at a time.