Friday, 17 April 2015

Almost There!

My French studies are so close to being done... It feels almost unreal, I've been waiting so long for the day I no longer have to go to classes, write papers or study like crazy for exams, and now it's only one week away. One week!

I passed my final oral test, and I'm extremely relieved for that, because I speak way worse than I write. I had to give a little speech for which I had a bit of time to prepare about one of two subjects chosen by the two grading teachers, and then answer any questions they asked about it. I got really lucky, as one of the subjects was happiness, which is something I have contemplated a lot and also written a Philosophy seminar paper about some years ago (for anyone interested, the precise subject of the paper was Schopenhauer's philosophy of happiness). I was so afraid that they'd find my speaking skills lacking and fail me that it really was a blessing to be given a subject I am so thoroughly familiar with. The minutes I had for preparation I spent worrying myself into a state of near-panic, and immediately after the test was over and I had left the classroom I started shaking so badly I thought my legs would give out any moment. Finding out I hadn't failed was a huge relief.

Now all I have left are some final lectures and a couple of written exams. Home stretch, here I come!